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Arun Jaitley Lashes Out at Rahul Gandhi Over Alleged Nirav- Jaitley Meet

Rahul Gandhi’s repeated allusion to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s speculated meeting with absconding billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi before his escape from the country, during his speech in poll bound Madhya Pradesh is thrashed by Jaitley on Tuesday.

Jaitley asserted Congress president is a perfect fabricator of lies adept at “concocting” falsehood. He denied all the allegation of meeting fugitive jeweller Nirav Modi in person, let alone meeting him in parliament and helping him escape from the country.

Continuing to call Congress leader a “clown prince”, Mr Jaitley in a Facebook blog, wondered if Mr Gandhi has a personality issue where “he lies a dozen times and then in self-delusion believes it to be true or is it a case of a ‘Clown Prince’ out-clowning himself?”

Terming Mr Gandhi’s allegation that he met multi-billion PNB fraud accused Nirav Modi in parliament, the finance minister said: “I do not recollect ever having even seen Nirav Modi in my life. The question of his meeting me in parliament does not arise. If he came to Parliament, as Rahul Gandhi claims, then reception records would show that. Where have I admitted all this Mr Gandhi?”

Mr Jaitley noted that while speaking at two different functions in Madhya Pradesh on Monday, Mr Gandhi made two references to him.

In the first one, Mr Jaitley said that Mr Gandhi claimed “I have admitted that Vijay Mallya met me in parliament. He further claims I have further admitted that Mallya told me that he was escaping to London and that I helped him to escape”.

With regards to Vijay Mallya, the minister said as a Member of Parliament, Mallya once chased him in the corridor of parliament to discuss his case.

“I did not pay any heed to him and coldly told him to make his proposal to the bankers. This he (Gandhi) says constitutes a meeting where he told me that he was escaping to London. Absolute lie,” Mr Jaitley said.

On allegations made by the Congress party president on Rafale, Mr Jaitley said the aircraft and its weaponry is not being manufactured in India at all, neither by Dassault or by any other private company.

All 36 aircraft and their weapons in a fully flyable and usable form will arrive in India, he said.

After the supplies begin, Dassault has to make purchases in India for 50 per cent of the contract value.

“These supplies to Dassault are to be made by over 120 offset suppliers and which the business house named is one of them. Dassault has said that only 3 per cent of offset may come to that business house which is less than Rs. 1,000 crore,” the minister said.