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Own a home that you thought wasn’t possible “Never before offer by SUSHMA Group”

SUSHMA Group has joined hands with  HDFC Ltd to bring a unique offer to enable buyers to purchase a home, that the buyer would have been able to own 5 to 7 years down the line with increase in his/her buying capacity, while ensuring  absolute financial comfort.

Typically, a buyer’s present income is considered for the purpose of gauging his or her repayment capability. The loan size is dependent on this repayment capability, also called “Loan Eligibility” of the buyer. Under this exclusive offering, the loan eligibility of a salaried buyer will be increased by 15 to 25 %. But at the same time the EMI will be as per ones present day loan eligibility till first 3 to 7 years thus giving absolute Financial comfort. This innovative offer by SUSHMA and HDFC will help buyers realize their dream of having bigger and better home.

Research has shown that majority of home buyers repay their loans in 6 to 8 years which implies that they are capable of buying larger & better homes than they usually do. Unlike a car purchase, where one can upgrade his/her car every 5 to 7 years, a home is a long term investment. With this never before offer by SUSHMA Group together with HDFC ltd, you will own a home which you thought was not possible today.

This offering, is exclusively to buyers of SUSHMA Group, which marks a paradigm shift in the industry. Such an offering is completely unique and rare and has become an instant hit among corporate world and young professionals.